Why choose us?

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Resourceful community

VINEU takes pride in our close-knit and resourceful community of experts who share the common goal of uniting and integrating all intellectual entities to boost the process of sustainable development in Vietnam

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Bridging opportunities

By promoting Vietnam’s strategic partnerships with Europe we open up new horizons for possible cooperations that drive innovation-based growth

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Elevating Vietnam’s position

We work to help realize Vietnam’s goal of becoming an innovation center and strengthen the nation’s status in international arena

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Our Impacts

We are beyond honored to have the support of the Vietnam National Innovation Center, as well as the Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, many domestic and international organizations.


As an official member of the Vietnam Innovation Network

VINEU aims to promote the innovation process in science, technology, and engineering in Vietnam. By mobilizing resources, expertise, and experiences from Vietnamese experts working all over Europe, we provide human resources, support in technology transfer, and funding opportunities in order to foster international cooperation between Vietnam, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Đăng kí nhận tin tức của VINEU

    Địa chỉ: Brussels, Vương quốc Bỉ
    Email: info@vineu.eu
    MST: 0793309451

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