Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh meets the Vietnamese community in Belgium

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh stated: “Ambassadors and relevant agencies must regard the work of our compatriots as their own work, to address the issues of our compatriots as they would their own.”

During an official visit to the Kingdom of Belgium, on the evening of December 13 (local time), in the capital Brussels, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh met with representatives of the Vietnamese community in Belgium and several European countries.

Vietnam’s Head of Mission to the European Union (EU) and Ambassador to Belgium, Nguyen Van Thao, mentioned that the Vietnamese community in Belgium, with over 13,000 people, has been established since the 1960s. The majority of Vietnamese in Belgium are intellectuals, many with higher education degrees, working as doctors, engineers, or in the information technology sector, teaching at universities, architects, government officials of Belgium, and running restaurants; notably, many are involved in local governance.

The Vietnamese community in Belgium is united, supporting each other’s development; they regularly meet, organize cultural and culinary activities… contributing to making the local government and people understand and be impressed by the image of successful Vietnamese individuals who integrate well into the community while maintaining their distinct identity.

In addition to promoting the image of the country, culture, and people of Vietnam abroad, the Vietnamese community in Belgium actively contributes to the homeland through fundraising activities to support flood victims, Agent Orange victims, and COVID-19 prevention…

During the meeting, representatives of the Vietnamese community in Belgium expressed their gratitude for the attention of the Party and State leaders, particularly Prime Minister Chinh, to the Vietnamese community abroad, including expatriates in Belgium. The community expressed joy over the great achievements of the country, especially Vietnam’s increasing stature and reputation internationally; affirming a deep sense of national pride and affection for the homeland.

Furthermore, some individuals raised suggestions and proposals to the Party and State leaders, various ministries, to contribute to the country’s development and provide further support and attention to overseas Vietnamese.

Hoang Dinh Thang, President of the Vietnamese Association in Europe, emphasized that the EU is an important partner of Vietnam; he proposed organizing more cultural exchange activities to strengthen relations and promote the country’s image in the EU. Hoang Dinh Thang suggested that the government support the effective operation of this network and similar networks; harness intellectual resources for the country’s development…

Pham Huy Hoang, President of the Vietnamese Young Intellectual Network in Europe, noted that young Vietnamese intellectuals in Europe have significant expertise, especially in fields crucial for Vietnam such as innovation, digital transformation, green economy, circular economy… Therefore, he suggested that the government provide financial support to this network and similar networks for effective operation; leverage intellectual resources for nation-building…

Speaking to the attendees on behalf of the Party and State leaders from the beloved homeland of Vietnam and personally, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh conveyed greetings, wishes for health, and happiness to those present at the meeting as well as the Vietnamese community in Belgium and Europe.

Regarding the situation of Vietnamese abroad, the Prime Minister mentioned that there are currently around 5 million Vietnamese compatriots present in over 130 countries worldwide. The majority of them are successful, affirming their position and earning respect from the local authorities. “This is our national pride; the invaluable asset of our people,” emphasized the Prime Minister.

According to the Prime Minister, the formation of the Vietnamese community abroad has experienced ups and downs. From the fluctuations and difficulties during wartime and embargoes to breakthroughs since the Politburo issued a resolution on the Vietnamese community abroad, which helped liberate thinking, respect differences, build and consolidate national unity, whether at home or abroad. The Vietnamese community abroad has contributed to building the country’s image overseas; enhancing Vietnam’s role, position, and reputation internationally.

Regarding the Vietnam-Belgium and Vietnam-EU relations, the Prime Minister noted that they are currently in excellent condition. In discussions and meetings with Belgian and EU leaders, both sides have shown determination to enhance relations in a substantive and comprehensive manner in all fields. This is a good opportunity for the Vietnamese community in Belgium, in particular, and the EU in general, to integrate and succeed further, contributing more to the country and to Vietnam-EU and Vietnam-Belgium relations.

Regarding the domestic situation, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh introduced the country’s development path and highlighted proud achievements, especially after 35 years of implementing the renewal process.

The Prime Minister stated that effective implementation of the motto “Adaptation for safety, flexible control, effective COVID-19 prevention,” since the beginning of 2022, has led to the pandemic being effectively controlled nationwide. Based on this, the Government has directed all levels, sectors, and localities to vigorously implement synchronized tasks and solutions across various fields; organizing numerous conferences, meetings, working sessions, inspections, urging, and resolving difficulties…

As a result, the socio-economic situation has positively recovered and achieved significant, comprehensive results in many areas. The macroeconomy is fundamentally stable, inflation is controlled, major economic balances are ensured. Particularly, GDP growth for 9 months reached 8.83%, the highest in 11 years. Social security is guaranteed, the material and spiritual life of the people is improved. National defense and security are strengthened; national independence, sovereignty are maintained; political security, social order, and safety are ensured.

In addition, foreign activities are lively and effective; the anti-corruption campaign is being vigorously implemented without any restricted areas or exceptions; many cases are and have been rigorously handled according to legal regulations, receiving the people’s unanimous support.

The Prime Minister highly appreciates the role of the Vietnamese community in Belgium in contributing to local socio-economic development, as well as serving as a bridge to promote friendly relations between Vietnam and Belgium; he is pleased to see the community’s efforts in maintaining Vietnamese language teaching and learning activities to preserve and develop the Vietnamese language for future generations; associations such as the Vietnamese Association in Belgium, the Vietnamese Student Association in Belgium, the Belgium-Vietnam Union always work towards the common goal of uniting the Vietnamese community in Belgium and organizing activities towards the homeland, the country.

Analyzing the situation, the Prime Minister believes that in the coming time, the world and regional situation are forecasted to continue to be complex, unpredictable, and challenging more than being opportune and favorable. The Prime Minister urged the Embassy and all staff to maintain unity, responsibility, and efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges, maximize opportunities, potentials, and strengths to effectively implement and excellently accomplish assigned tasks.

In particular, the Prime Minister requested the Embassy and relevant agencies to continue caring for and bettering the material and spiritual life of the compatriots; create conditions for more practical activities so that the Vietnamese community here can maintain Vietnamese culture in Belgium.

“The Embassy and relevant agencies must consider the work of our compatriots as their own, to address the issues of our compatriots as they would their own,” reminded the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister affirmed that the Party and the State have no other goal than to maintain independence, freedom; ensuring people’s lives in freedom, warmth, and happiness, including Vietnamese people abroad, as Vietnamese people abroad are an integral part of the Vietnamese national community.

Regarding the proposals, initiatives, thoughts, and aspirations of the compatriots, right after this trip, I have instructed the relevant ministries, agencies, and organizations to study and soon come up with specific solutions to thoroughly resolve and meet the legitimate aspirations of the compatriots.

In the atmosphere of welcoming the New Year 2024

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