Vietnam Startup Business Exchange Program to Belgium 2023

The week of September 25-29, 2023, the Vietnamese Startup Business Exchange Program to Belgium (Vietnam – HUB Brussel Startups Exchange – VBSE) took place. This is an activity to support Vietnamese startups to expand their markets, seek investment capital, and develop products through training and connection activities to provide appropriate information and find advisors. a region for startups with needs and potential to develop products to the international market, especially Europe. In addition, the Program also supports businesses in the process of registering for intellectual property (IP) protection and developing international partners, learning about laws and funding sources from the private sector and the government for pioneering technologies.

On the first day of operation, startups learned about startup units as well as the overall technology industry landscape in Belgium. On the same day, the Vietnamese startup delegation visited the Greenbizz Business Incubator to learn about the equipment and support that businesses in the clean technology sector can receive. The final destination of the day is Molengeek’s digital campus and business incubator, which specializes in providing digital skills training and coding classes to the city’s young people and entrepreneurs. .

On the second working day, members had a day learning about professional and cultural developments in Brussels. The working group visited the Software Cluster, where members learned about networking, training and collaboration with research and government organizations. After that, the members explored the Hallepoort city gate, the traditional cantillon brewery, and the Horta museum. The working day ended with a meeting organized by Mr. Andries Gyffroy, President of BVA, to learn about exclusive events for members and networking opportunities offered by the Viet Belgium Alliance.

On the last day, the working group attended a presentation on the tax environment and tax incentives in Belgium, as well as the expert visa application process when working as a business owner or foreign employee. The delegation also visited ICAB, a business incubator supported by the Belgian government, focusing on helping digital startups develop their businesses.

The working group visited ICAB

Startups visit Solvay Business School

During the program, the working group had the opportunity to meet and exchange with startups and business leaders in Belgium, as well as explore the culture and history of the city. The program is designed to provide an overview of Brussels’ startup ecosystem and help members identify potential investment opportunities.

The Vietnamese startup business delegation had a successful working trip to Brussels. Members are excited about the dynamism of the city’s startup ecosystem and the potential for collaboration. The program is a testament to the strong relationship between Vietnam and Belgium and a promising sign for future partnerships. The working group had the opportunity to learn about support for startups in the region, as well as connect with local entrepreneurs and business leaders. The program is a valuable experience for attendees and a good opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

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