VINEU is determined to become a pioneering organization of the Vietnamese community abroad

On the sidelines of the Summit commemorating 45 years of relations between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the European Union (EU), on the afternoon of December 14, the Vietnam Innovation Network in Europe (VINEU) ) had a working session with Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung at the Vietnamese Embassy in Belgium.

The content of the meeting recorded VINEU’s 2022 operating results and 2023 operating plan. The 2023 work plan will focus on serving economic development following green and circular trends, serving market needs. The financial sector aims to be financially independent and create multiple sources of income from real projects, connecting Europe and Vietnam. In 2023, VINEU also plans to expand its member network in 16 European countries, while focusing on communications to spread the message and values ​​of the Network, taking advantage of the power of the community and partners. as strategic communication channels.

At the meeting, VINEU Chairman, Dr. Pham Huy Hoang expressed his determination to make VINEU an independent and pioneering organization in the Vietnamese community abroad in the path of innovation in Vietnam.

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Minister Nguyen Chi Dung highly appreciated the enthusiasm and value that VINEU brings to the community and the country. Regarding the 2023 action plan, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung commented that the importance of innovation is one of the strategic breakthroughs and VINEU needs to be a pioneer in this work. The Minister emphasized the role of expanding the network to create a “common roof” to exchange and update new ideas and technologies in the world, in the region and in Vietnam. The Minister also directed the Network on projects and schemes to create income sources, aiming to become a financially independent organization in the future.

VINEU Network is a non-profit organization established in Berlin (Germany) on October 16, 2021 with a vision of becoming a large connecting organization of the Vietnamese intellectual and expert community to contribute to Vietnam’s sustainable development through innovation and science and technology. VINEU implements main activities including: consulting and training; investment-business connection; develop the scientific and technological intellectual community. The network will link and coordinate with the National Innovation Center to deploy domestic and international innovation activities.

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This is a component network of the Vietnam Innovation Network and an initiative of Minister Nguyen Chi Dung, established in 2018 and chaired by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, in coordination with the Ministries of Science. and Technology, Education and Training, and Implementation Diplomacy.

To date, the Vietnam Innovation Network has more than 1,000 members in 20 countries and 4 component networks in Germany, Japan, Australia, and Korea. The VINEU network will be the 5th component network to deploy connection activities, supporting the National Innovation Center to more effectively access innovation ecosystems in developed countries around the world. gender./. (According to VNA)

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